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Dentistry and photography courtesy of Nate Lawson, DMD, PhD

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Featuring unique dual nickel titanium wires and independent interproximal separators, DualForce Rings provide significant and balanced separation force and an excellent matrix/tooth seal.

DualForce Active-Wedges™ are designed with a natural contour to ensure a complete marginal seal, preventing overhangs. Its collapsible tip re-opens after placement, locking the wedge in place to prevent “backing out”, while its strong internal spine enhances separation force for consistently tight contacts.

DualForce Ultra-Wrap™ Matrix Bands are designed to wrap the tooth snugly to reduce flash and finishing time, while a proximal contour and curved marginal ridge ensures a natural contact position and shape is created every time.

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"The DualForce Sectional Matrix System provides tight contacts and anatomical contours."

- Nate Lawson, DMD, PhD

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