Strength. Precision.

Natural Contour. Stability.

The all-new DualForce Sectional Matrix System from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE is engineered for more than just tight contacts. Strength, stability, and natural contour – its time you experienced the DualForce difference.

Pre-Molar and Molar Rings

Engineered using strong dual NiTi wires, DualForce Rings provide more separation force, while being easier to place. Interproximal separating prongs on the DualForce rings are ideally angled to engage the tooth more firmly and securely, helping to seal the vertical margins and prevent composite overhangs. Composite stick is not an issue with DualForce Rings.


Active-Wedges are engineered with a collapsing tip to allow for easy placement and a rigid internal spine to ensure active pressure is applied to the matrix band – preventing composite overhangs, even in deep restorations. Naturally contoured, the Active-Wedge hugs the tooth/matrix band margins like no other.

Ultra-Wrap™ Matrix Bands

Available in three ultra-contoured sizes (4.5mm, 5.5mm and 6.5mm), DualForce Ultra-Wrap™ Matrix Bands wrap the tooth snugly, allowing pre-shaping of the marginal ridge and a naturally placed, wide and tight interproximal contact. DualForce Ultra-Wrap™ Matrix Bands are the ideal choice even when facing a cusp that is partially or fully missing. Unique Punch Pliers allow for an easy grip of the matrix band when placing; while punching the band for secure removal.

Punch Pliers

Securely grip the matrix tab for ease of placement. Once the restoration is complete, can be applied anywhere you desire to punch a hole in the band for ease of removal.

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  • Dual NiTi wire technology
  • Dual rings reduce hand strain for easier opening & placement
  • Up to 37% more ring separation force
  • Unrivalled ring stability
  • Active wedges provide 2lbs of separation force
  • Excellent matrix/wedge/tooth seal for minimal flash/finishing
  • Composite/adhesive won’t stick to DualForce rings

DualForce is engineered for more than just tight contacts.

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See what Clinicians are Saying about the DualForce Difference

"DualForce is a sectional matrix ring system that intimately adapts the band to the margins of the preparation, eliminating flash and excessive adjustment during finishing."

- Dr. Robert Lowe

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